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Savage Worlds ‘Test Drive’

The free Savage Worlds Starter Rules PDF can be downloaded by clicking:

Test Drive

Hero Lab’s Savage Worlds Character Generator

Should you wish to purchase: The initial Hero Lab license purchase is $29.99. This includes access to the core data package for one game system of your choice, which you select when you first install Hero Lab and activate your license.

HINT- Choose Savage Words.

Access to supplemental add-ons for that game system and/or additional game systems can be purchased after first activating your license.

The game systems and add-ons currently available are listed at the the link below (click on the image)

The program also provides cut and paste HTML data to paste straight into the CHARACTER tab here at our site!!

Chaosium Gaslight Equipment Catalogue


Clothes for inspiration or order!

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GW Gaslight

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