Behind the Machine

Welcome Gentle Reader!

Welcome to Obsidian Portal. This is a service I pay annual 21st century dollars for and hope you will enjoy and access often. Why? Well if you look up to the navigation bar, not all the way up, like half way, yes that’s it. See? it says Home, Adventure Log, Wiki, etc… Those are all areas you can go! I will now briefly explain:

Home: One may click on Home or my home made graphic of that lovely group out for a Sunday flight over Portland. It takes you Home, you know, where you started.

Adventure Log: Anyone can go here and record their version of weekly events in the game. Great for bias perspectives. What I’d like to do, is rotate one person each week to at least do the generic summary. That person will earn an additional Benny next sesson. (This can be copied from or to other applicable forums or sites for all to see)

Wiki: This is a list I provide. It is just like Wikipedia except for my game. You’ll find Places, Names and the like there.

Characters: This is where you can actually (preferred) fill out an editable Savage Worlds character sheet! Online! I can put NPCs here too!

Items: Ahhh Items of power or of interest. I will fill the ones out here you figure out so you can print them or add the details to your Obsidian Portal character Record.

Forums: A place to chat about the game, dates, likes. We can talk about rulings, post pics, whatever. It does not have to be entirely campaign related. Heck we can talk about upcoming games, movies, etc.

Calendar: Yes! This can, and I hope will be used to set game dates for all our games.

Maps: Maps in my game. You can drag it around or click below for the whole thing (usually better res)

Comments: Just in case you have even more to say. Gabby ain’t cha?

Behind the Machine

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