Portland 1889

Portland 1889, The events of September 2nd

Chon is healed, gives 20 bucks toward Uncle’s patients.
Sparks, Killingsworth, and Callahan have been released from jail. Killingsworth is out for blood, but Sparks has convinced her that breakfast would do us all good. Promptly, Killingsworth sees someone she calls Mrs. Gates, the former mayor of Portland’s widow. Killingsworth has business with her and goes to try and meet with her, leaving Callahan and Sparks to head back to the Portland Hotel for breakfast.

Dr Hendricks is pulled away by the bellman to heal them, and questioning the police as to why they were there and how they knew where to find Chon. As he’s tending to Barnabus Nife, he questions Nife – who doesn’t do much in the way of giving new information, save for telling Hendrick that he’s putting up a 100 dollar reward for the live capture of Chon.

Mrs. Killingsworth has caught up to Mrs. Gates. She waves her hanky to get the woman’s attention, calling out to her. The woman shows concern for Killingsworth and Killingsworth plays up the distress. Sparks and Callahan are seated in the pation in the Le Gland and is noticed by Killingsworth, who is having breakfast with Mrs. Gates. And Mrs. Gates responds to the name of John Scott. She is also fascinated by the mention of the Goose. She tells the whole story to Mrs. Gates who believes her story. But then Mrs. Gates tells Killingsworth that she believes her husband is still alive even though there was a funeral. And Sparks & Callahan are just eating.

Dr Hendrick inquires into the whereabouts of the others and the hotel couldn’t find the check in book. He’s given a sicount to his breakfast and is accused by a gentleman who has rough conversation about the current events. Hendricks goes up to his room.

Killingsworth and Mrs. Gates are still conversing and Mrs Gates tells Killingworth that she doesn’t trust the new Governor, who is the one her husband was running against in the last election. She tells Gates about her new aquaintances, Sparks, Hendricks, and Callahan would be available to help on the case.

Chon is woken by a sound and Javier & Wang telling him that the police are outside and to be quiet. A knock at the door sounds and Chon starts looking for a place to hide and sees a lumpy mat that is a trap door. Wang tells him that the door leads to the Shanghai tunnels. Chon takes to hiding to corners, the police try to see if someone is home, and even pretend to leave, though they manage to elude.

Dr Hendricks is summoned to dine with mrs gates and killingsworth. he is offered to work on the case. He accepts then Mrs Killingsworth persuades Mrs Gates to meet with Sparks and Callahan. They are led over and are now employed to help with the case.

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A Clockwork Quilt

Oregon City

Willamette River

Portland City

Eastern Oregon

Portland City. The events of August 26, 1889

In the Portland Hotel, after we have acquired rooms for the night:

Doc Hendricks and Chon Wang immediately retire for the night to their rooms.

In the saloon, Javier has a chat with Leo Carillo, who decides the escapades of the group so far are far too incredulous to be believable. Javier then orders up a fine meal followed by a moderate consumption of alcohol and a luxurious bath in his room before he retires for the night.
In the gambling hall, Mr. Sparks and a gentleman named Mr. Shearer play cards and gamble amiably, joined by the fetching Maggie Callahan. They play late into the night and retire to their respective abodes around 3 in the A.M.

Mrs. Killingsworth inconspicuously explores the halls, pretending to admire the architecture when a hotel staffer notices her wandering too close to the more affluent north end of the hotel. The staffer proceeds to lead Eleanor away from the area, under the guise of giving her a guided tour. He does let slip that there are 3 celebrities staying in the hotel- one of which is giving a medical lecture on the subject of equipment sanitation. The staffer is called away, giving Mrs. Killingsworth a chance to clandestinely follow Mr. John Scott (who had just arrived) into the north end of the hotel. She manages to catch the elevator and is invited by Mr. Scott to dine with him in the saloon that evening after she modestly complimented his many attributes.

At dinner with Mr. Scott, Mrs. Killingsworth is questioned about her business in Portland City where she relates to him that she is recently widowed and in need of a change. She then mentions her interest in his business and is met with platitudes and generalized deflecting statements. She continues to compliment his ingenuity and business acumen, and he seems to have a subdued approval of the relationship thus far. He then spots a gentleman arriving at the hotel and excuses himself from the meal, telling Mrs. Killingsworth that he genuinely enjoyed her company and would like to dine with her again sometime. Mrs. Killingsworth inquires about the man that Mr. Scott went off with and finds out that he is a newspaper writer named Walling.

In the morning, Mrs. Killingsworth is awakened by a newspaper sliding under her door and proceeds to read the front page article written by Mr. Walling, in which a killer china-man is wanted for several heinous crimes committed the previous night. She begins the long process of dressing with the intent to visit Wang’s room and warn him, but is delayed by the inconvenience of propriety.

Wang, however, is awakened by a loud banging on the door where a Deputy Barnabas Knife announces that the room is surrounded and that Wang should open the door and come out peacefully for questioning. Wang opens the door, and sucker punches the Deputy. A ruckus ensues, with Wang proving more than a handful for the nine officers that the Deputy has with him, the Deputy threatens to use his bullet. Eventually, with Wang throwing officers around like they were children, help arrives for Wang in the form of Lady Killingsworth with her lethal parasol and Javier with his flashing blades and several officers and the Deputy go down unconscious. Near the end of the action, Wang is shot and badly wounded by a rifleman from outside the window, who is then promptly dispatched with a fierce bludgeoning attack from Mrs. Killingsworth’s parasol.

After the battle, alarmed citizens crowd around the scene of the battle, with Maggie and Eugene close by- having both tried to use their attributes to sway the officers to leave Wang alone.
Dr. Hendricks has pulled the incapacitated Deputy from the room and is treating him in the hallway.

Wang and Javier threaten the crowd to stay back and get out of the way, and both try to convince Doc Hendricks to run away with them to no avail. They end up fleeing down alleyways headed for Chinatown.

Mrs. Killingsworth and Maggie attempt to sneak away from the crowd to retrieve their belongings, but are stopped by a trio of triplets known as the Danby brothers. (( “Haven’t you heard of the Danby Brothers?”)) Mrs. Killingsworth stalls for time until Eugene could arrive, by questioning the Danby’s authority to detain them as well as the impropriety of the three men. Eugene managed to retrieve his belongings and could leave the scene without being noticed, but notices the Danby brothers “suggesting” a walk down to the police station and speaks up for the ladies heroically.

Maggie, Eleanor, and Eugene are escorted down to the station for questioning.
Eugene decides to shoot straight with the City Marshal, by telling him candidly the events that occurred since the crashing of the Multnomah. The Marshal has the three locked into a cell, in spite of the candor Eugene has showed.

Mrs. Killingsworth is infuriated by the attitude of the Marshal and the police in general, and vows vengeance will be hers. She will henceforth be named “The Iron Parasol”

John Scott arrives at the police station, who, by the way seems to carry quite a bit of weight with the law enforcement officials there. Mrs. Killingsworth overhears quite a bit of cursing and arguing and clearly hears Mr. Scott saying “You’re the one causing a commotion Marshall! Now just release these three and focus on the china-man.” And also, “…while you and Nife are wasting time, that damn Goose is still on the loose, do I need to handle that too?!” and, “Worthless! I am loosing on this whole investment every hour you screw-ups try to do your own thinking!” They are swiftly released, on the condition that any further trouble caused by the three would be met with immediate incarceration.

Meanwhile, Javier and Chon arrive in Chinatown and are received by the community and the Great Uncle is summoned for his wisdom and great healing acupuncture techniques.

Chon is treated by the venerable Great Uncle, and is restored to some semblance of health.

Chon inquires about their friends in the hotel, and is reassured that the chinese have friends in low places that will investigate.

Chon also questions the Great Uncle about who could possibly want to frame him for the crimes the Deputy accused him of, but the Great Uncle does not know.

Saturday Morning

Two killed web

Portland 1889 Session 2 Part 2

(Scroll down below to read Part 1 of session 2.)

It seems we arrived in Chinatown unnoticed. The rescued men provided a deluge of bows and thanks. We delivered each man near his home. The last one, Mr. Wann, told us that he heard of other Chinamen being abducted, but he did not know why, and he did not know anything about this hell. He did tell us he had heard something about the Knights of the Golden Circle, but he could not tell us more.

We decide to head to the new and enigmatic Portland Hotel. An impressive Chateau style building where the help was attentive, if a bit reserved. Chon Wang asks for a room in a low-occupancy wing, and once there, commences with the refinement of his art. Dr. Hendricks ends the day by soaking in a hot tub. Leo and Javier beeline straight to the beer. They sit at the hotel bar and make friends (or at least, they manage not to make enemies). Inquiries about the Knights of the Circle are met with blank stares.

Maggie follows Gene down to the gambling tables. Gene makes friends by losing money. Maggie assists by providing beautiful scenery and a smile that lulls men into a false sense of security. Gene gets into a friendly game with a Mr. Shearer. He loses a few dollars, but he does manage to draw some information, seemingly without drawing any suspicion. The Knights of the Golden Circle was not a gambling group, but rather an underground group that supported pro-slavery interests. Surprising for the enlightened times of 1889.

And where is Mrs. Killingsworth?

Portland 1889 Session2

There certainly must have been doubts, but the Little Edison, piloted by the half-witted dwarf, managed to get us to Portland City before the evening was over. John Scott directed Putterbolt quite a distance further down the river, seeming to be looking for something, but of course he would not tell us. Regardless, it was a lovely evening, if a bit cool, and it was fascinating to pass the poles where the wires would be (for that new-fangled lectricity), the warm gaslights of Portland City, the many docks and warehouses, and occasionally catching a few notes music drifting on the wind from the city saloons.

Finally, Scott saw the dock he wanted and directed Putterbolt there. Scott seemed in a hurry to disembark and get to whatever mysterious business he had. He was reminded of the compensation promised if we aided him to Portland that night. With an bit of miserly reluctance, he paid those who asked, and then ran off to his business. It seems Putterbolt had been given instructions to stay with the Little Edison.

The rest of us followed in the direction Scott had hustled off to. We heard him up ahead, in some heated conversation with other men. We entered a small plaza with several tall buildings surrounding a lovely fountain at the center. Somewhere from high above we heard this strange “ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa.” A several men and horse-drawn covered wagon entered the plaza, and then out of nowhere, a bird-man dropped out of the sky! He landed on his feet with a soft thud and folded up his wings.

Apparently, the masked-man commanded the men with the wagon to stop and desist. They however, weren’t having any of that and opened fire on the bird-man. They called him “Goose” and shot him in the chest. The bullet simply bounced off with a spark. Mrs. Killingsworths and Dr. Hendricks decided that discretion is the better part of valor and took partial cover behind the lovely Skidmore fountain. Chon and Maggie make an appeal for non-violence. However, Javier sees his opportunity and jumps in and slices a man to death. All hell breaks loose. Gene, Chon and Maggie join the fight, on the side with the Goose. Leo was riding a coach into the plaza and joined in, using his trusty rifle to take out men standing on the roofs of the buildings.

The Goose had a few tricks up his sleeve. He throws a bomb that disperses green smoke, and also takes a man down with some fancy whip wielding. The rest of our group helps him finish the hooligans. The “ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa” sound appears again, and a flying machine appears in the sky! Goose grabs a rope, commends us for being good citizens, and then he ascends into the night sky.

That wagon was filled with six Chinamen. They were in shackles and told Chon they had been shanghaied and were being delivered to hell. Gene manages to pick six of the locks when Leo reveals he has the key, which he had found on one of the downed ruffians.

Dr. Hendricks attends to the injured men while Mrs. Killingsworth questions one about the nature of the incident that just occurred. He did not want to talk, but he had the fear of God and death, and revealed he was a pawn working for Jenkins, and also said that Goose was a law-breaker as well, a vigilante.

From the inside of the New Market theater, we can hear a final round of applause and doormen open the doors in anticipation of the departing audience. We decide it would be best to skedaddle before theater patrons enter the plaza, and we quickly head off towards Chinatown.

Stay tuned….more coming soon about Chinatown, the Knights of the Golden Circle, Hell, The Portland Hotel, drunken rabble rousers, poor gambling, cleavage, and the successful gathering of information.

Portland: 1889
And so it begins . . .

Session #01 – August 12, 2011

Our adventure begins in the Oregon Territory, Oregon City. The year is 1889.

The paddleboat, Multnomah, has been refitted and remodeled. To celebrate the rebirth of this storied vessel, a free ride to Portland City along the Willamette River is offered to the public. While many take advantage of this offer, the boat is not as full as some expected. However, some interesting individuals did partake of this event . . .

The captain of the Multnomah, Captain Miller, invites all aboard to have dinner in the lounge. After some general merriment (gentlemen wagering, an acrobatic/weapon show, curious investigations below deck) A scrumptious feast of salmon is prepared, and one table is particularly lively, if not motley, during dinner. Seated at the table are:

Mr. Eugene Sparks, a southern gentleman fond of cigars, wagering, and his aunt’s cobbler;

Miss Maggie Callahan, a strikingly beautiful young Irish lady with a flirtatious attitude;

Chon Wang, a Chinese wanderer and peddler of deadly herbs and even deadlier proverbs;

Javier Castillo, the flamboyant Spanish master of melee weapons and wit;

Mrs. Eleanor Killingsworth, the plain Jayne, “don’t notice me”, widowed woman with a sense of adventure and incurable curiosity. Emphasis on the MRS., if you please!

And finally, Dr. Vincent Hendrik, recent arrival to the Northwest. He’s kind, friendly, yet oh so weary. . . constantly coughing and gazing with far away eyes, one might wonder what could induce such behavior in the good doctor?

After Wang nearly incapacitates Dr. Hendrik and other interested gentlemen with his mutant-fire ginsing, the Captain rises to propose a toast. As he begins his speech, the Multnomah violently lurches sending nearly all to the deck. Wang and a few others manage to stay upright, but Captain Miller is thrown to the ground and injured. Dr. Hendrik also falls and has the pleasure of enjoying everyone’s meal and beverage upon his person.

Dr. Hendrik and Mrs. Kinllingsworth quickly recover and run to the aid of the injured Captain. Dr. Hendrik skillfully administers medical aid to the Captain with the capable assistance of Mrs. Killingsworth. Meanwhile the rest of the group previously seated at the motley table look for the cause of said sudden lurching. They quickly discover the Multnomah ran aground on a sand bar. There may have been a steering issue with the young cabin boy, but no one is sure.
A Mr. John Scott expresses desire to leave the Multnomah and find alternate travel arrangements to get to Portland City tonight. He explains that he is a very important business person and he has an important rendezvous in Portland City that evening. He offers payment for assistance in this matter. The enterprising, motley group quickly accepts Mr. Scott’s offer as many of them are in need of currancy as some have just arrived to this wild and dangerous land with little more than what’s on their backs.

There is a boat called the Little Edison that could be used to get to Portland City but it needs repairs. The group find a way off the Multnomah and make their way to the Little Edison. As they approach the dock with the vessel, they hear cries of help. The cry is strange as it sounds like someone crying out “Help me! Save me from the wild, sock-eye salmon!”. Unusual, yes, but Dr. Hendrik leaps to the aid of the struggling voice and discovers a midget being attacked by some kind of aggressive, obviously aquatic beast. He pulls the short man to safety as the rest of the party quickly dispenses with the wild, sock-eye salmon. Wang eyes the fishy beast and wonders if it will taste good stir-fried or raw . . .

Through entertaining interrogating, it turns out the midget, Butters, is the pilot of the boat. He agrees to ferry the group to Portland City if his new found friends and saviours can repair the dilapidated ship. Mr. Eugene Sparks and the extravagant Javier Castillo assist Butters and repair the ship to working condition.

The group resumes their journey to Portland City aboard the Little Edison. En route, Miss Maggie Callahan thwarts the advances of a very determined John Scott. Enjoying the pleasant ride down river, Dr. Hendrik is gazing at the hillside under the moonlight. A movement occurs and his heart jumps, thinking he saw something important to him . . . as he squints his eyes he realizes the movement is coming from three figures on the far bank following the boat. Alarmed, Dr. Hendrik rushes to the top deck to inform the others when an arrow strikes him in the back. Panicked, Dr. Hendrik cries for help and clarification on what exactly happened to him. At the same time, John Scott notice the shadowy figures. Guns are drawn and an exciting tussle with the presumably natives ensues. John Scott and Miss Maggie Callahan make quick work of the natives with cool efficiency and deadly Colt revolvers. Mr. Eugene Sparks, Javier, and Wang do their best to aid the combat efforts . . .

As the group assesses their injuries and situation, the bright lights of Portland City come into view. . .

And thus ends the most triumphant first session.


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