Portland 1889

The Pot Boils Over

Hello my friend,

I hope this letter is to be finding you well. From the rumors of your residence in Astor House, I take this to be true. Certainly, you have better conditions than I have discovered in the Oregon country. For haste, I will attempt to make short the events following my departing of the dissolution of the electric company. I found work here, in Portland with Mister Henry Villard as surveyor on the railroad construction. Mister Villard has been captured by natives, and I have been seeking for his rescue. In this, I have discovered people that know Mr. Villard and battle the very same natives that have captured him. I join with them and we discover the natives hold Mr. Villard for trade. Not for trade of money, but for trade of convincing miners to leave their holy places.

As I have come to discover, these miners are not of the volunteering disposition. Something has been done to these Chinese peoples that makes them compliant strangely. After being separated from my group, I was captured by the men puppeteering the Chinese peoples. They tied me and hit me many times. I will live. It was not much long before there was commotion from outside of the small wood house I was kept in, and who should come to be my rescue, but my new friends! They have with them more peoples than before and I discover from them that they have seen, in front of them the true horror of the miners’ situation. These Chinese peoples and peoples that get in way are being changed by these puppeteers through chemicals of injections.

Not long after my rescue, we discover that a Mister John Scott, that was previous to us an adversary, is actually federal agent and captured by the slaving men. I suspect there is more than finds the eyes happening. A brute-like man takes him away in a fascinating aerial gondola, hanging by cables, and we are discovered again by the slaving men. All of our weapons and materials are taken. They march us along a canyon wall, with stream cutting through.

We discovered an opportunity to hit at them and recover our weapons when the Mister Scott and his captor begin to battle in and on the aerial gondola. I was laughing to find my Spanish companion pressed like sandwich between two peoples during our battle. It gives him shelter from the gunfire though. Our big companion was able to remove several of the slaving men and compliant Chinese, but received many wounds in the process. We have with us another Chinese gentleman, a Mister Wang. A very skilled fighter, he is. Easily he dispatches many of the compliant Chinese. The Misses Killingsworth often carries with her a parasol, and without any guns of our own, I was able to fashion a rifle with this parasol (though I believe she was very unhappy to letting it go), and assist our marksman, Miss Maggie in firing at the slaving men across the stream. They have run away and we have followed over the high cliffs.

Down the slope, we have discovered two large dirigibles and a lodge with many of the slaving men in presence. They seem to be preparing for something eventful, that may prove to be dangerous to the city of Portland. I believe we will be stopping them, but I am not positive. I write to you now for our failure. If we should not stop them, you must come with all your knowledge and skills to complete our mission. This letter will arrive much after we have done our actions, but my hope is that it is not so late. You tell me once that if I have ever needed anything, that you would do it. Nikola, this I believe to be it. If we should discover success, I will write again.

Farewell and Srećno to you!


I can HEAR Cenek say this!! So great. Nice job.

The Pot Boils Over

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