Portland 1889

Past the Well of Souls

Account of Javier Castillo, written in haste in the unlikely event of our untimely demise. Our party at this point consists of myself, Mr. Chon Wang, Mr. John Gates, Mrs Eleanor Killingsworth, Mr. Bench, Father O’Duddleswell, and Mrs Maggie Callahan.

We traverse the ledge past the unnatural hole, where below the incoherent shambling bodies of people are trapped in limbo. As we prepare to leave the chamber we hear the grindings of unknown machinery and above the ceiling rolls away to let sun shine on those souls below for some undiscovered purpose. There is no sense to be made from where we are, so we press on to find a familiar face in room just past the “well of souls” as we have termed it. Jerry Putterbolt is strapped to a table in a laboratory apparently having undergone the first stages of the process that has produced the mindless “shamblers” we have encountered. He is still fairly coherent, and does mention the lab belongs to a mysterious “Professor Coltist” that we have glimpsed controlling some of the creatures sent against us so far. With ministration by the competent Mrs. Killingsworth Jerry agrees to accompany us, although light of any kind seems to cause him distress and even pain. We press on determinedly and a short time later we come to an exit from the tunnels to a canyon with a mining operation in full swing. The operation is composed of a guard tower and a shack on the side of the river closest to us and several guards overseeing the Chinese workers, who have been altered to work mindlessly in and out of another tunnel entrance on the other side of the river. Further downriver to the right of the tunnel exit, a sort of lodge house can be seen. Mr. Wang and I sneak to the guard structure opposite the shack and attempt to take the guard on top of the tower silently, but we discover a giant size wasp has taken over the bottom floor of the tower. We quickly change our plan and move to the shack where we find our wayward companion Mr Vincenc Jasa bound to a chair. We proceed to assault the guards in the canyon in our usual fashion. Mr Wang climbs the tower and knocks the guard off and jumps onto him to finish him quickly. A flying bucket contraption lands on the guard tower and the occupant leans over the edge to look down on my rifle aimed directly at his face, shortly afterwards the entire top of the tower is blown to smithereens by a “spider-bomb” released by Mr Jasa. The other guards open fire and after wounding Mr Bench badly are eventually gunned down. We proceed towards the lodge house downriver… inside we can hear voices… one very familiar, it is John Scott! He is being held prisoner and is addressed by his captor as “Special Agent Scott.” Perhaps he is not the villain we had all assumed him to be… We prepare to bust in the door to rescue him…. Que Dios nos bendiga!


I really enjoyed this write up, thanks Allen!

Past the Well of Souls

Great work !

Past the Well of Souls

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